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Some of our features

200+ Workpiece Materials

Largest selection of Workpiece Materials from all possible groups of metals, alloys, plastics, and other non-metals.

Largest selection of Tool Types

Calculate cutting parameters for all kinds of Milling, Drilling, Turning and Tapping operations.

Each cutting operation comes with configurable engagement parameters that actually affect the results.

Machinist Geometry

Huge number of interactive machinist math-solving tools. Triangles, Bolt Holes, Countersinks etc.

Machinist Reference

Contains Drill/Tap charts, Socket and Flat Head machine screw reference and more.

Built with Experience

FSWizard is developed by a CNC Programmer/Machinist with more than 10 years of experience in aerospace and automotive production.

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Upfront Pricing

There is no in-app purchases. One low price gets you all of the features!